Sunday, February 24, 2019

Spring & Summer Skate Camp Registration

April 8th - April 12th

Jun 24th - Jun 28th
Jul 8th - Jul 12th
Jul 15th - Jul 19th
Jul 22nd - Jul 26th (FLIP WEEK)
Aug 5th - Aug 9th
Aug 12th - Aug 16th
Aug 19th - Aug 23rd

CLICK TO REGISTER (Location: Bellevue Skatepark)

If you have photos or video footage you want to submit to the blog, send it to


Unknown said...

What are the main differences between Bellevue Skatepark's camps and the ATS skate camps?

ATS Skate Camps

BVSP said...

Both camps are fun and run by skateboarders that skate.

Bellevue has a little more variety since we have the outdoor street plaza and Indoor skate park. We have a vert ramp as well.
Bellevue also has a higher staff to skater ratio and costs a little less because ATS is private and we are part of the City of Bellevue Parks.
ATS offers a full day camp and half day camp but we only offer a half day camp.
We also do not allow last minute drop in for camps, you got to sign up ahead and camps always fill up!
We both have a skate shops and provide all boards and equipment if needed.


Anonymous said...

can you please provide more details on what flipweek is it appropriate for beginners?