Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Volcom WITP Contest Results

14 & Under Division:
1st: Alex Lobasyuk
2nd: Keala Cole
3rd: Saunjay Stocker
4th: Jamison Earle
5th: Tristan Moeller
6th: Ivan Glenny
7th: Jack Sowle

15 – 21 Division:
1st: Austin Visintainer
2nd: Tameron Eaglehorse
3rd: Reece Clayson
4th: David Lobasyuk
5th: Quinn Unciano
6th: Greg Dehart
7th: Thomas Bell

Open/AM Division:
1st: Ryan Le Pore - $250
2nd: Ben Campbell - $150
3rd: John Matarazzo - $100
4th: Shylio Sweat
5th: Ben Sauer
6th: Bobby Snowden
7th: Kallen Hittner

Rev’d Skater Award: Jimmy Humphryes- $100

If you have photos or video footage you want to submit to the blog, send it to bellevueskatepark@gmail.com

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