Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Sno-Con Monday September Photos

Best trick was going off

Jack Ortiz 360 flip

Jack won himself some Theeve Trucks!

Mackay Weddell backside lipslide

Julian Castaneda frontside 5-0

James Myvett frontside boardslide

Check out some photos from yesterday's Sno-Con Monday taken by Patrick Gray. It's hard to capture quality photos from a flatground game of skate, but congratulations to Calen Garcia for taking the win! Thanks to Theeve Titanium Trucks, Analog, Alien Workshop, Habitat, The Foundry and Dirty Bearings for all the amazing prizes!!! RĂ©St in peace.

If you have photos or video footage you want to submit to the blog, send it to bellevueskatepark@gmail.com

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