Monday, April 26, 2010

GOODS 7 Year Anniversary Skate Jam

Here are a few pics from the GOODS 7 Year Anniversary Skate Jam at the Bellevue Skate Plaza with GOODS, HUF, the Hundreds, Manik, Stussy, Gravis, NikeSB and CONS.

DJ Sosa / Emcee Vinny Paz

Filming & Editing Dave Lee

Bobby Dodd switch feeble

Ben Randolph nollie frontside boardslide

Michael Patterson switch kickflip / Johnny Matarazzo double kickflip

Nico Jacobs hardflip

Ben Randolph frontside flip / David Perry switch heelflip

Anthony Barnes frontside nosegrind

Anthony Barnes frontside bluntslide / Johnny Matarazzo backside tailslide

Photos: Marshall Reid, Jedd Rockwell & Dave Lee

Lots of amazing skateboarding went down with a couple hundred rippers in attendance. Absolutely every kid got something for free and everybody was super hyped that the weather was on their side. Shouts go out to Michael Patterson, Johnny Matarazzo, Bobby Dodd and Ben Randolph for stompin' lots of clean hard ones.

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