Thursday, August 13, 2009

Habitat Cascadia Demo

Brennan Conroy blending in with the crowd
Bryce Golder fs noseblunt

Fred Gall bluntsliding through the pain

Fred Gall bs noseblunt / Josh Anderson fs 180 switch 5-0

Josh Anderson hardflip

Ben Fernyhough switch tre flip

Ryan Casado fs nosegrind / Austin Gillette switch fs nosegrind

Josh Anderson fs lipslide barrier

Ethan Fitzpatrick fs 5-0 barrier

Bryce Golder straight on nosegrindPhotos: Alex Gustafson

Some of the Habitat team dropped through the plaza this afternoon for the last demo of their Cascadia tour. Stefan Janoski and Dayrl Angel weren't able to make it and Silas had a hurt ankle, but Bryce Golder, Austin Gillette and some friends where holding it down for all of them. Not to mention Fred Gall was doing tricks in a full arm sling, nothing stops that guy...
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