Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Heavy Metal Halloween Skate Jam

Heavy Metal Halloween Montage

All the Timmys!!!

Josh Anderson / Seth Goler

Raffle Winner / Joe "Rambo" Moorman

Joe Moorman blunt fakie / Brice Niebuhr lauch wallie of epic proportions

Jake Vankomen bs tailslide / Dane Reising bs 180 nosegrind

Andrew Langi kickflip channel / Compton fs feeble

Photos: Marshall Reid

The footage and photos are finally up. Thanks to all the sponsors who came out and made it happen!!! Thanks to Adam Brown @ Converse, Marie Judd at Crayons for suppling the healthy beverages, Justin Williams @ Force Trucks, John Logic @ SnoCon, Marshall Reid & Eric Green @ Manik Skateboards. The Plaza may have been wet, but this was by far one of the gnarliest Halloween sessions to date!

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Anonymous said...

that looked so fun. ill hit it up next year fo shooo.