Saturday, September 18, 2010

Ladies Skate Through The Winter

Bye-bye summer. Skate Like a Girl will be going to their favorite indoor skateparks and continuing Ladies Nights and Girls in Space.

What’s Ladies Nights you ask? Basically getting the gals together to skate. Make friends, get tips from other gals that are there. If you don’t have gear, let us know and we will bring some gear for you.

Bellevue Skatepark: girls only session on Sundays from 5-8pm, the cost is $5 with a membership ($15 initial fee)

S.L.A.G. would also love to get some new volunteers, so come skate and see what opportunities are available for you to help build Seattle’s girls skate scene!

If you have photos or video footage you want to submit to the blog, send it to

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